5 China Myths You Need to Know

You guys certainly always heard from your parents when you’re a child that you must finish your food until it’s clean, if not you will get an ugly, spotty, and shaggy couple. Many people believe that myth. Aside, it was just a trick for children to finish their foods. Not only Indonesia but in China, the myths also exist. These are 5 China myths you need to know!

Avoid number 4


Chinese people believe that number 4 is not good for daily life. Because of the pronunciation of “four” in Mandarin, it’s the same with pronunciation of death. So scary!

Did you realize that most of the malls are not using number 4 to indicate the location of the 4th floor? It’s because scared that it will bring bad luck.

When Steve Jobs is dead, his last creation is iPhone 4s. Well, according to Chinese people it’s because of the number 4. That’s why Chinese people rarely buy a phone number that has the number 4. Did you believe this kind of myth?

Eat noodles in every birthday


Let me say it’s for a long life! You see, the noodles are long in size, so it is indeed like a symbol of longevity. Whether it’s true or not, the problem is that age is in God’s hands. Even so, for Chinese people, a birthday will feel incomplete if you don’t eat noodles. What do you think?

It’s not good to die on Tuesday or Saturday


This belief is also strange. We can’t determine what day we want to die. However, for Chinese people, it would be nice if they did not die on Tuesday or Saturday. It’s because they believe if you die on that day, the spirit of the deceased will invite another family to die.

The truth is, death is God’s destiny, so this belief shouldn’t be true. But, based on research from the Chinese, this is true. Maybe it’s just a coincidence huh?

Singles must eat cakes from the bride and groom


At the Chinese wedding receptions, there is a ritual called mingle. When mingle, the bride and groom go around in the reception room to approach the invited guests, especially singles or unmarried couples. So they can share something, like cake or chocolate. Well, the cake or chocolate must be eaten by the single so that they can quickly find a boyfriend or girlfriend or by an unmarried couple to quickly catch up.

In addition to cakes or chocolates from the bride and groom, you are also required to eat the bridal salad provided at the buffet table so that the match is easy. Even if you don’t like that food, at least eat a little so you can get a girlfriend/boyfriend quickly

Eating onde must according to your age


Usually, this tradition is held when it comes to mother day (December, 22). Chinese mothers like to make dumplings for their families. But, eating onde can’t be as much as they want. Eating onde should be in accordance with the number of our age and added onde a grain. Over time, this tradition is not very followed, really. Sometimes Chinese mothers also allow their children to eat onde as much as they want.

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